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Do 2010 smoked headlights fit a 2006?

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I recently got in a fender bender in my 2006 Double Cab 4WD Tacoma. Both headlights were damaged and need replacing.

I wanted to put the smoked lens headlights in off of a 2010. Do the 2010 headlights fit a 2006?


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yup, direct fitment..

if I were you I'd search for the BHLM

you can make your stock headlights look JUST like that in any color you want..
(1) Welcome to CT! ... :waytogo:

(2) I can't find a parts listing that runs up into the 2010 model year. The exact headlight unit part numbers have mutated a couple of times since the 2005+ generation was introduced. However, I don't find anything indicating different dimensions or fitment on the headlamp assemblies.

... So my best guess is 'yes' - they should fit up.
yea i am tryin to get some for my Xr
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