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DJM only drop kits avail for tacoma???

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i am new to this site but love toy taco's...this is my 2nd taco and i like it alot but im haveing trouble finding parts for it ..i understand 01 and 02 are releativly new models but is there anyone besides DJM that offers drop kits for tacoma's..i only ask becuase i've heard bad things about them and chassis tech /AIM ind...basically that they are manufactured poorly????? 3/4 drop is what im looking for and right now DJM is the only opt????
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I believe Belltech makes some components to drop the Taco.
I have a 2001 and just did the DJM 3/4 drop and it looks amazing. I haven't had any problems with noise or weird vibration. It improved my handling dramatically and was not the hardest thing in the world to install.

I highly recommend it!

I haven't had any problems with the 3/4 kit. My Taco handles like a dream.
cool, i guess i'll go w/ DJM.....i do agree they look very good ..and its also pretty with that decided i need to add some horses to my 2.4 anyone recomend a good cool air intake that will fit the 2002 ..ive only found K&N and injen i think...also does anyone have any exp with any exhaust sytems for 01 and up
Check with That's where I purchased my 2.4L intake. The tech section also has a tutorial showing how to install it.

I would also agree with the DJM kit. It was fairly easy to install and I've had zero problems with it. Just make sure you followthe directions that come with it. Those same directions are also posted in the tech section, if you want to read up on it.
I've heard nothing but good things about the DJM kit. Though I can't speak from personal experience just yet :) That's the route I'm getting ready to take after spending a LOT of time researching the options before I get into messing around with my truck's suspension. Either way, I hope you find something that works well for you.
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