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No answer yet, so I'll offer this:
I can't say for sure, but on a standard cab there was plenty of room on my 1st gen tacos.
I used the stock 14" alloys for my snow tires. If your wheels stick out, you may have more problems than I did.
The DJM kit looks like it just flips the BJ's to lower the front.
I had 2" coils and flipped BJ's on both - so I'm thinking you have more room than I did.
I'm guessing the 2" coils are more than the slightly lower stance of the ext cab.
I ran 215/70R14 snow tires on the 96 with no probs in place of 215/50R17's.
As long as you havent done notches in back to increase travel it shouldn't rub at all.
Good luck!
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