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DJM 3/4 Kit

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I'm interested in lowering my '95 Tacoma so that I don't have that big gap between the rear wheel and the fender. Also I want to level it out because right now the back sits slightly higher that the front.
My question to everyone out there with the 3/4 kit is: How does it perform as an everyday driver? Do you bottom out at all? Does stuff scrape? I want to get a cool look but I don't want to have to baby it over every little bump in the road.

Any info appreciated,
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3/4 with good shocks is nice, yes you'll have to baby it a bit, you can't just go plowing through speed bumps.. c'mon now, lower = drive smarter.
Now will I still be able to go camping? I don't go 4 wheelin' or anything but there are some nasy holes where I go. Our '01 corolla get through just fine so I should be okay right?

After taking a look at the pictures in tech section I have to agree that the kit is very nice indeed. My main concern is that the front hanger for the leaf springs looks awefully close to the ground. It appears, from the pictures, that the leaf spring connector would hit a speed bump, or anything in that case, before the wheel would even have a change to get over it. That seems to me like a big problem. Any input?


I'm hopping to drive around like I would in a regular compact car such as a civic or a corolla (they're pretty low). Is that a fantasy with this kit? Is there something I can get that's not so dramatic?
Here's the lowdown on the DJM kit: (pardon my pun)

Personally, I think it's a VERY driveable height. I was actually disappointed to find that after I installed the kit, I COULDN'T scrape on a speed bump. I tried multiple times on multiple speed bumps and was only able to make it scrape on very large speed bumps.

It's not only a very driveable height, but also a legal one for me. 14" is the minimum bumper height here in Virginia, and I come in at 16 in the front and 15 in the rear (from the frame). Not bad indeed, although I miss scraping on speed bumps in my last truck. :(
I've got one more question for ya. Is the kit something that I can install myself. Me knowing very little about suspension.
I looked at the pictures of the instructions that are on this site and the rear drop looked very simple where as I didn't realy understand much of what was going on up front.
If I can get my hands on the tools such as jack stands, torque wrench, ball joint seperator, etc. should I be able to complete it with my neighbor's help?
If I do have to have it professionaly installed, any idea what that'll run me?

Okay, so I had a series of questions but hey, I gotta know.

If you have never messed with suspension, then i would take it to a shop or get some friends who know about suspension to do it with you. I know the front was the part that got me. I saw it, and decided to take it to a shop rather than mess up my suspension.

I know i scraped like hell, when i did the 3/3 drop. I mean any speed bump i scraped, but then again i had crap shocks too.
$300-500 for a shop to do it. Make sure they align your wheels too.
which brand of shocks would you recommend? i noticed that you had KYB shocks and i went to their site, but which type are you using (monomax, gr2, agx, or gas-a-just) and how is the ride quaility? i am planning to drop my taco with djm 3/4 kit, but need a smooth ride. thanx for the help.
I'm new to not only this forum, but also the world of dropped trucks. I purchased a 96 Tacoma in early 2001, and have been contemplating what to do with it. I finally stumbled across this website, and it appears that there are many people here that know what they are talking about. Anyway, I was following this thread on the 3/4 drop for tacoma's, and came up with some questions of my own. What does it do to handling? I live in southeast ohio, and here, most of the roads are hilly and windy, and so good cornering is a concern of mine. My truck handles fairly well for having balding tires on the factory rims, but it could always be better. I am looking at some 16" rims, not sure of the tires yet, but if i were to get that drop, along with the new (much better) tires, rims, and that DJM drop, would my handling be any better, or possible worse due to the drop?

Should be better, less body roll too. Also, good shocks wouldn't hurt.
3/4 kit, with new size rims, + great rubbers, along with nice shocks. You'll be handling awesome. Add on some stronger sways to take it a bit further too : P.
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