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diff lock indicator light

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Last summer I had installed TRD rear axle on my 04 toyota tacoma. The locker works as far as I know, the only thing that will not work is the indicator light... I had taken apart my whole dash assembly to see if the light was burnt out or not. That was not the case... I have a blue/yellow wire that is coming of the motor. I think its the light indicator wire... I am not sure where it suppose to go inside the cab... Last time I was trying to figure out how to get the light to come on I screwed something up. Thank goodness my buddy pulled me out of the mess... Did anyone have a similar situation or can someone walk me through this?
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For starters ... Here (attached) is the 2004 rear differential lock wiring diagram. You'll notice there are a lot of possible variations depending on which combination of transmission and 2-4 select option you may have.


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