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diff between 6cyl coil springs 4cyl??

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so whats the difference between these two? are the 6cyl longer or softer or stiffer??
right now i have a 1998 4cyl 5lug, what would the 6cyl coil springs do if i put them on my truck?
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They are stiffer, because they are made for more weight. Installing these springs would lift the truck a quarter to a half inch, but would make the ride slightly more harsh. I remember years ago, when these tacos were new, we would have customers complaing of their truck leaning to one side, which was more noticable from the back of the truck than the front. Toyota had us put a v6 coil on the side that was lower. Worked like a charm, with 1 v6 spring and 1 4 cyl. spring the tacos height was even.
awesome! well thats going to work out great cuz the passenger side of my truck is starting to sag a little, so i guess ill just put the 6cyl on the passenger side and i should be even now. :clapping:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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