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Deavers and towing?

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I know, there are a hundred threads on Deavers, towing and sagging.

My specific question is: How often does one need to tow in order for the springs to sag:shrug:

I tow a trailer with a couple quads on it about once or twice a year, for about 500 miles each time.

Is this enough to initiate a rapid sag in the springs:meemee:
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Air shocks:shrug:

I wouldn't think that it would do that..unless you had the bed loaded also:shrug:
but who knows:lol:
for only once or twice a year i think you should be just fine dude. dont worry bout it
Well, I'll find out, just ordered them.....:eek:
I'm sort of curious about this too so keep us posted.

I bought a set about 2 months ago and had Deaver make it a 11-pack but I haven't towed anything yet. They did settle about a 1/4'' since the initial install though.
Installed the Deavers yesterday. Didn't give my any lift at all, which is kind of disapointing because they will most likely settle, at which time they will be lower than what I had stock.....

They are stiffer though and tie the back end of the truck in with the front end much better.:eek:
The tape measure doesn't lie. 22.5" from center of hub to bottom of wheel well, same place I was at before. Though, the rear did get lifted up from the TSB springs that were in there.
I shot Deaver an email concerning this. Hopefully they can assist. I've read about someone in the past adding two leafs to help out with this.
I had the deaver ten pack. It couldn't handle any towing for me. I had to add two more leafs just to tow a boat. This took all of my travel and made it ride like a tank. I never should have gone with the deavers. I tow every sat to go fishing. Not a big boat either. Now I don't know what to do with my deavers. I don't want them but I can't afford new springs.
I replaced my over load springs with AAL + Timbrin stops just because of that(added 1.5"). Why not try adding the Timbrin's to help while towing.
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