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cylinder misfire

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my buddy has a 1998 tacoma sr5. I dont know if this matters but it is 4x4 and has 6 inch lift with 35's. Recently the truck started misfiring on cylinders 3 and 5 now i don see how 2 sparkplugs could foul out at the same exact time but we checked anyway and there was nothing wrong. i assumed something was wrong wit the ignition coils so he decided one day he would just switch the coils around one day and see. well now cylinders 3 5 and 6 are all misfiring, I have no idea whats wrong so i turn to you guys if anyone has any ideas the help would be great
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Exactly which coils did he rearrange (and in exactly what way) that resulted in the misfire spreading to cylinder 6 as well?

Is his check engine light coming on at all?
we finally jus took it to a shop this morning and its fixed there was a short in the main power supply which had those 3 coils on it and it wasn gettin enough power to ignite those cylinders but thanks for the help anyway
Glad you got it fixed ... :waytogo:
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