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Custom Double Cab Sub Box

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I was wondering if anyone knows where i should go to have a sub box built for by '02 double cab. I was thinking i could possibly run 2 10's behind the the center console where the rear middle seat is. It would look like this following picture but possibly running 2 10's. Let me know what you think and where i could go to have one made. Thanks


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Center / floor installations like the one pictured are relatively rare on pre-2005 Double Cabs. Most folks opt for a behind-the-seats approach.

Also - I'm not sure you can get adequate air space for two 10" subs unless the enclosure is huge - like TacoWithCheese's setup illustrated in this archive thread:
I would run either one beefy 8 or a decent 10 in there. A good 8 in a ported box with enough power will be louder and sound better then most peoples 10s and 12s.

You might have enough space to fit a transmission line style box, if you use an 8.

If you want to find a good builder I suggest checking out both the SMD forum and the ROE forum. There is alot of info and great builders on there.
there is a box at i belive. two 8's behind the rear seat, looks like it would work for me too.
thanks for all the responses everyone. i bought a 10 off my buddy that i have sitting on the middle rear seat for now. i can still seat 4 people comfortably so for now i am satisfied. i may decide to change it up in the future but it does its job for the time being :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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