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Curious about step side beds

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Is the regular bed and the stepside bed frames the same?
Thinking of buying a stepside and switching it out
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for the 01-04 they are the same :waytogo: Is this for an S-Runner?
for the 01-04 they are the same :waytogo:

well the step-side would work with the 95.5-04 frame
(1) Welcome to (visible) CT! :waytogo:

(2) When you say 'bed frame', do you mean:

(a) is the frame attachment the same for both fleetside and StepSide beds? (It is)


(b) is the central bed floor component the same for both bed styles? (It is, but everything else is different)

Check the 2001 - 2004 Parts List in the Tech section to see the differences.
I meant to say if the beds were interchangable. There is a side step for sale here but I rather have a straight bed. I was just wondering if the frame were different because in the future I would want to change the bed
Yes - the beds are directly swappable. However ...

The StepSide setup includes two skirt pieces (one in front of the wheel well; one behind it) that are not part of the bedsides. You may want to make sure you get the skirt pieces to prevent it looking weird.

When you say you would want to change to a fleetside bed in the future - you mean swap out for a fleetside whole bed, not convert the StepSide into a fleetside, right?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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