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Cubic feet sub question

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Once I get buckets installed I am going to make a box for my regular cab. I am thinking two 10s but after reading a few threads here may go with two 8s. My goal is tight clean bass with the ability to throw down some rumble once in a while. I know I wont be shaking windows with 8s and that's okay.
My question is this; if I build a box with more cubic feet than the sub is rated for, what will be the result? I plan on making a glass box and incorporating a console also that will be utilized for space as well as the box so I shouldn't have issue with enough space, just curious about having extra space in the box.
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you won't get the optimum response from the speaker, especially in sealed boxers having the correct volume is important, because the speaker is counting on that voume of air compressing and rebounding behind the speaker, though a little too much volume is safer than too little, it's best to get as close as possible (and don't forget to take out the volume displaced by the cone/magnet into your calcs too) good luck with it
Cool, thanks. Just the info I was looking for.
Right now I have an Aiwa flip down with a 400watt 4 channel Majestic amp. Infinity speakers in the doors and some old Pioneer truck speakers behind the seat. Surprisingly it sounds pretty damn good for a $70 system...working in a salvage yard has it's perks!
Not the best pic but here's the deck and a 5 minute triple gauge install. Gauges were $5 so I figured what the hell!


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What type of music? How much space do you have for a box? Which sub/amp? And how much continuous power are you going to run to the sub?

If you go sealed, the bigger the box is means less power handling, less accurate response....but you will be able to hit lower notes and it will have more of a boomy sound to it (often a little louder)

Smaller sealed boxes, allow rated power handling, more accurate response, and a much tighter sound to it. But it won't hit the low notes as well as the larger box. For low notes I am referring to mostly under 50hz which is where "low" starts for me :evil:

I would recommend getting a nicer sub that is rebuild-able (re-coned), and put it in a ported box tuned around 34hz. With a good clean signal that isn't clipped that would be a great daily driver box. And will help keep you subs from stinking.
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