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Cracking CV's

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Burning though CV boots like girlfriends, I put a 3" Old Man Emu suspension lift on as well as 1" differential drop kit to lesson the angle but I'm still cracking CV Boots. What to do? Anybody know where I can get special boots? or A modification that can alleviate the angle?
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(1) Welcome to CT! ... :waytogo:

(2) Have you been replacing the cracked boots with OEM parts? Some offroad vendors sell 'high-angle' boots designed to better fit with modified suspensions. Switching to such high-angle boots may or may not help. CV boot deterioration / failure is a common problem with lifted pre-2005 Tacomas.
There is an upgrade I have seen on TTORA about using some type of Porsche CV boots, like used on the off road buggys, maybe 930 style? Not sure, I would go there and check it out.
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