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*2.7liter 4x4 reg cab auto* i have a few mods
1. i need to find 4x4 accessible rims for tire size 35x13.5x16...gotta be 16in
2. where can i get a good price and quality for a 50 shot of nitrous
3. i need to find a 7in suspension lift
4. turbo charge or supercharge?? where can i find a supercharger for the 2.7liter
5.chip...where can i get a good one..jet???
6. if i get a turbo or super c. can i still fit a 3mm throttlebody and headers-whats some good headers to use ignition...good?....what is all involved with this
8. exhaust..i have flow master borla a good 1 for the tacoma??
sorry this is so long, but theres so much info i need and wanna know and not enough money lol, but all will b done in time

hope to hear all you guys info for me and as much help as i can get is the best even if it is only 1 or 2 of these.

im gonna go with all el prototype related merchandise with most all these things
thanks you guys
jesse smith
va burnt taco

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Trailmaster lift = 6" ,Pro Comp = 4" , Body lift = 2 or 3" , Adjustable coils for the front = up to 3". There are many options, including more than these. You could do a suspension and body lift together.

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If you go with supercharger, you need to change to like TRD headers, if your going turbo, it uses a special style of exhaust manifold....
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