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Coils and shocks. What to do?

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I have a 98 tacoma 2.7L 4x4. I bought it awhile back with an add-a-leaf in the rear with extended P-9000 shocks. The front has a 1" tall coil spacer with OEM shocks and coils. Everything is shot and I have some sag. I've been reading and searching and found mixed answers. I need help clarifying a few things.

My goal is to get about 2" of lift on the front. That is what I think I have now with the coil spacer. There are 2 coils I'm looking at. OME 881 @ 500# and Eibach 112-620 @ 620#. Both should achieve a 3" lift. My problem is I'm not sure which shock to use. The Eibach says it's compatible with OEM shocks. I guess I don't know what the height difference of these shocks are. I was thinking about the Bilstein HD F4-B46-2284-H0, or 5100 adjustables, or OME 90004. Are these 3 shocks extended in length compared to the OEM shocks from toyota?

I just want to avoid coil spacers and I cannot afford a coilover. I can barely afford the coils and shocks. :selfbonk:

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New coils will sag over time. You only option is coilovers. I suggest OME with OME shocks.
Icon makes a really dependable coilover and shock would highly recomend for your upgrade.:waytogo: check em out
The OME shocks will sag over time but OME sells trim packets to help level things up a bit, especially from side to side. I have the OME 882 coil/ strut combo going on two years now and I haven't noticed any major sagging yet.
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