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I have universal Fox 2.0 8' Coilovers with resi's I'll be putting in my 96 Standard cab 2.7 manual taco. I'll be fabbing up the upper mount, and my plan is to use the premade coilover tabs I've bought and some 3/4 plate to gain some lift from that, so I can have less preload on my C/O's. Any problems here? (Only want 2.5-3 lift)

I think the factory application C/O's are 6"? Maybe my 8" will lift at 0 preload? Looks about the same length as strut but I know spring rate will also decide lift. Havent seen anyone fab in a 8" C/O into a stock taco.

Anyways my main question here is where I should start for valving. I'm rebuilding the C/O's and would like to valve them optimally at the same time. Truck will eventually be LT, but for now stock save for camburg uppers shortly after I throw the C/O's in.

Where should I start with valving for the best performance offroad? Washboard roads and bumps reasonable for otherwise stock suspension.

Thanks, appreciate it
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