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I have a question you all have probably answered once or twice before...But I STILL can't make up my mind:shrug:
I want to add a coilover setup to my rig but I cant seem to decide which one is best for me and what I plan to use the truck for,I know that they run about $900 to about $1200 for a set but which brand to choose is just too hard
I know of most of the brands like
Race Runner
And also the air bag kit that installs on the coilover setup.
My rig has a 6" Fabtech 3" PA body lift and 2" Toytec Shackles and 35"x14 boggers
I want level the front off but dont wanna use the spacer or tundra springs.
Any help would be sic
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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