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Coil Springs

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I'm interested in lowering my truck a bit to give it that more agressive stance but I'm not sure I want to go 3/4 such as with the DJM kit.
I was wondering if anyone here has any knowledge of lowering springs for the front. I'm considering some 2" lowering springs made by Chassis Tech for the front and then just getting some 3" blocks for the rear. I figure if I don't like the look or performance, springs would be a whole lot easier to swap back out then the front control arms.
What do you think?

Thanks for any input,
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I think I like tits of all sizes... now what was the other question? Oh yeah; GREAT IDEA! Let us know how the lowering springs work out; I was thinking I may want to go that route myself, as I really don't want a 3" drop in front, but another 1" lower than my stock S-Runner springs should be perfect. (supposedly the S-Runner is already an inch lower than regular V6 twd Tacos...)
your truck sits god awful high man...
Yah, those S-Runners are cool and all with their supposedly lowered suspension. (Don't get me wrong, the S's are badazz)
LOL! Toyota says that they're lowered an inch, but that's after they raised the stock height at least 2 inches from the previous models. heheh They do sit awfully high. Seems like the 3/4 drop only brings them back down to normal height.
yeah; they do sit up kinda' high... I want to drop it some. Dropped the rear 1" already, but it's hard to tell... I'm not after the "slammed" look, but I do want even better handling, and for the tire to fit into the well a little better. Besides, if I drop it too much, I'll lose the "sleeper" look. I need to remember that it IS a pickup truck, and I have to be able to carry at least 600-700 pounds in the bed now & then. The ball joint flip at the front WILL give me some problems with tire clearance over rough roads, according to another S-Runner owner who's done it. He says that handling WAS much improved though. If I could drop the front just 2", I'd be happy.
I'm with you hairytaco on not wanting the slammed look. I went with 1-3/4 inch in front and 2-1/2 angled blocks in the back. The handling a tremendously better. I still have about a 2 in gap between the tires and the fender. My tires are 215/45/17 khumo.
Oh, I agree with you about handling and load hauling and all that... the new tacos look great... I just noticed that Toyota raised them up quite a bit. When I drive past the dealership, it's kinda hard to tell the difference between the 4x2 and 4x4.

Matter o' Fact... I traded in my bagged taco this week for a Prerunner... man, I love it! (heheh I got tired of the low ground clearance. It rode fine, but I had to watch out for bottoming out on the pavement)
Hey; congrats on that Double Cab!! They're way wife tried to talk me into one of them instead of the S-Runner. Almost did...
Re: Coil Springs (off track...)

Yah, my wife likes 'em too, but she wasn't really sold on it until I found the right one - all black - I had to order it. For some reason, they're hard to come by in our neck of the woods

All they really sell here are the ones with the chrome package, but I think it looks kinda cheesy on the new Tac's, so I got one with the painted grill (like your S)

I like the extra room, and my wife says it's "sexy" heheh. But then, of course, she always says that about me LOL! All week I've been drooling over stuff to get for it... supercharger, exhaust, wheels, etc. LOL! No rest for the wicked.

What was this thread about again? Oh, yeah.. Coil Springs! LOL! Kinda getting off track, huh?! heheh
Re: Coil Springs (off track...)

No reason to get back on track now. Congrats on the new truck. : )
So I guess no one has a protest to lowering springs? Anyone have any experiences, good or bad?
I'd much rather go with the conttrol arms... the geometry of your front end won't change that way.
well my friend busted his ball joint, with out the upper control arms (djm). lowering springs put alot of pressure on on our lil pressed in ball joints.
What exactly is a ball joint? Was it costly to fix? Is there a way to strengthen it?
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