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Clock Dimmer wire??

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Hey, I am currently working on my clock trying to change the color from green to blue. But in doing this you are supposed to put blue cellophane over the clock which naturally dims it a bit. I want to know which of the 4 wires on the back of the clock is for auto dimming with headlights. I just want it to be bright all the time. I know its possible because a buddy of mine has a maxima and I guess its a pretty popular thing to do. (his was also 4 wires... but they were all different colours then mine, and he had to snip one of them).
So.... Does anyone have a wiring diagram that would show this or know which wire it is??? Thanks
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I would say just use a test light and the correct wire should either light up or go out when you turn on/off the headlights.
There's a green wire with red stripe connecting to pin #3 on the clock unit. Disconnect it and see if the clock auto-dim function is now disabled. This should prevent the tail relay signal from reaching the clock.
It worked... Thanks a ton!!
cool, just disconnect the green/red and full brightness? same for all years of Tacoma?

I drive with my headlights on during the day to be seen, this will be great,
I'll do this when I get in there to replace the instrument cluster bulbs. :)
Chris: Yes, it's still a green wire with red stripe leading to pin #3 on the clock for your 2002, too.

The clock illumination has nothing to do with the dimmer control for all the other dash illumination. There are two levels of brightness controlled by the clock internal circuitry. I figured the trigger signal for activating the lower brightness level was generated by activation of the marker / tail lights. The green / red wire runs from the tail circuit to the clock, so this had to be the source of the trigger signal.
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