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Rather than pulling a leaf and swapping on the 2wd overload, has anyone used 4x4 leafs and just ditched the overload leaf altogether? (running on just the 3 main leafs, no overload).

I have a '99 Ext Cab, brand new KYB Monomax's installed all 4 corners and Belltech lowering springs on front. I'm just looking for a very moderate drop to match on the rear. The new 4x4 leafs I have honestly look to the eye like they will raise the truck, but wont find out til they're on. I'm changing the rear bushings on them to Nissan ones that match the proper Outer/Inner diameters required (Harris HB1109 or HB1107 is the part number).

Since the truck had lean on driver rear side, I thought replacing the leafs was better than adding blocks to 21-year-old springs to get my desired 2-3" drop! I may have thought wrong as I'm in over my head. lol

My 3 options are:

1) Swap in the 2wd overload leaf and keep all 4 leafs.

2) Swap in the 2wd overload leaf and remove a middle leaf, running 3 total.

3) Remove overload leaf altogether, and run with the 3 main leafs.

Any idea on the outcome of these 3 scenarios and/or recommendations??

Much appreciated!
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