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Checkmate hard tonneau for sale or trade

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Well, my dog has become too big to ride around in the back seat now, and besides, the hair problem is getting to me (stuck in the seats). So now he has to ride in the back (and he really doesn't like being shut up under the cover in the dark:looney:).

I have a Checkmate hard tonneau I would like to sell or trade for a soft rollup cover (with the frame that clamps onto the bed rails). Kind of like this:

It is a couple of years old. Just painted it black (base/clear) last Sept. Has a small paint chip on the rear corner on the edge. Comes with the lift struts, brackets, and quick-detach hinges. You can get the manufacturers specs on it here:
I don't think anyone would want to get into shipping this thing, so I guess if anyone would be interested, we'd have to meet up.

If you want to trade, I'd atleast have to see some pics before we could meet to finalize the deal, and if you are interested in buying it, I would have to get enough in order to purchase a soft cover. I'm not trying to make alot of money off it. I just want to be able to get a soft cover. I'm in Western NC, 28139. Just let me know. Thanks.


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Man I wish you were closer! I would love to have a Checkmate cover, the only one that sits flush.
Gah, these things are so badasss...

i hate my cover now, i took it off
How about this..... I discussed it with my "financial advisor" and we agreed that after eyeballing some classified ads for a few other Checkmates @ $400-$475 used (though not all painted), it would be beneficial to my purpose to sell mine and buy a cover new. So, the cover I just looked at online is going to run me right at $375. Now of course, if I have to meet someone from out of state, we may negotiate a small "gas fee".

So there we are.....$375. Let me know. Thanks.
Hit it again....
I would've bought that if you were in LA
Looks like I'm out, I don't have that kind of cash... I can still get you pics if you change your mind.
This is what I want:

So if you want my cover for their price, come and get it. If you're willing to come to me to get it, I'll help install mine onto your truck.

Is that a good deal?
C'mon guys.
Anyone care to make me an offer?
Mine looks just like the snap-equipped full tilt, but it doesn't lift up. It's a damn good one, but I've been looking for a flush-mount since before I even bought this one.
Send me some good pics. I'll check it out.
This is the quote I just recieved from Checkmate for my cover brand new:

"The total package price, which includes the bed cover, installation
hardware, crating, shipping, and handling depends on the delivery
destination zip code, but is usually between $624.00 and $699.00. Thank

I'd like to think I'm offering a pretty good deal, especially considering the quote for a new one doesn't include paint.
Here's some better pics for you to check out.


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