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chassis tech drop leaves

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one more drive me crazy topic, has anyone installed chassis tech drop leaves and had a problem with drive line noise. i've got a 2wd standard cab with 3" drop leaves and 2" blocks. i was told this did not need a shim. i've checked and measured aprox. specs on axle position and i'm at a stalemate. thanks guys
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I have a set of 4 inch leaves from them. They don't make any driveline noise, but they do squeak like hell if I dom't keep them oiled properly. I would be very weary of buying chassis tech products if I were you. They really gave me the run around a couple years ago with their "great" upper and lower control arms. Speaking from experience I would stay away from them.
thanks for your response, and they do squeak like crazy.

What is your front suspension setup?

When I installed my DJM control arms in the front, DJM suggested that I flip my carrier bearing to avoid driveline vibration.

So, I'm thinking that if you have lowered the front of your truck 3" or more that you may need to flip your carrier bearing, if you haven't done it already.
I'm with Jeff, I've read several references to flipping the carrier bearring on a drop more than 3", it's mounts are off-center, so when you flip it the angle gets adjusted just right, should make up for enough difference to go as low as 5" or 6" with no more driveline probs turning up.
I flipped mine and have about a 6/7 drop and no probs with the driveline.
And there you have it. :)
Oops, wasn't logged in there...
Jeff, my front set up is Bell Tech coils- only. I have yet to order the DJM kit, which is next. My truck is 2wd standard cab. I thought the carrier bearing was found on xtra cab model only, mine appears to be a one piece unit. but now to what my mechanic has called me to is my clutch bearings and clutch are gone. I just ordered the LC Engineering dual comp. kit, bearings and wear pad. My Thermal exhaust makes it hard to determine where noises are coming from, so I think I jumped to a conclusion. I will definitely find out after the new clutch is installed sometime next week. Has anyone installed this clutch and do you like it? If no one I will keep you tuned in on my opinion after its installed.
Once again, thanks for the input on this project. now my info is on the side, sorry i forgot about it. trucks are new to me as far as modifications so I have the idiot syndrome linked with lack of knowledge and it makes tuning this truck so much fun. thanks guys this site is golden.
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