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Bumpy Ride

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My 2004 Tacoma feels every bump in the road!! I've replaced the shocks twice...and my son was thrilled with some new ones for his truck...but that didn't help at all. (?) I'm now thinking of replacing the bumpers wherever I find them. But, before I go 'shotgunning' around, I thought I'd ask the forum for your input. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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Assuming your truck is stock, or at least no suspension modifications, the biggest factors will be shocks and tires. IMO, Bilstein will give you best ride and performance as far as shocks are concerned.
Tires are tougher to recommend, as I have no idea what type of truck or how it is used. Large, over-sized tires are notoriously rough, as are tires with overly aggressive off road tread. Tire psi can be an issue, especially if someone ignores the manufacturers recommended psi labeled on the door sticker and decides to use the max allowed number molded on the sidewall. On the opposite end of the spectrum, low profile tires would also be pretty bouncy ride.
I tend to stay with tire brands I respect. BF Goodrich, Firestone, Yokohama, Bridgestone. Michelins are very good tires, but their rep inflates the price. And I’ve never really considered them for truck tires. Your off brand tires will often have a VERY hard composition. This increases road life, but adds to harshness and road noise. Braking and road handling tends to suffer as well.
Hard composition also lends itself to “cupping”, and despite what tire shops say, is rarely alignment. It’s almost always the wrong tire on the wrong vehicle.
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To post a question asking for advice, and not responding when you get a reply, isn’t good.
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