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Bumper Assembly

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i have a 99 tacoma 3.4 v6 and i was wondering about the bumper assembly. I rear ended someone a couple months ago and bent my bumper back a little bit, but havent been able to figure out the best way to go about fixing it. Its bent back and up a little bit. I've come to live with the look of it, but its really inconvenient because it pushes my grill into my hood and makes it really hard to close. plus it bulges out when it does get closed. How should i go about fixing it?
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Is the bumper essentially 'shoved awry' on its mounts, or is it or its mounting pieces bent out of whack?

Can you post a photo of the damage?
I would vote mounts

Just un bolt it and see what broke. U can take it off I think 4 bolts.
Grill has 7 lil clips u push from te front and it pops right out.
Ive taken the grill off to look at it before, it actually came out of the slots that held it in on the bottom.So it is basically held on by the top clips and the pressure against the bumper. ill take pictures and post as soon as possible, ive tried looking at the mounts before and i cant see right away anything that is bent. new bumpers are pretty cheap but im not sure if that would fix my problem if its one of the mounts
In case it's helpful ...

Here (attached) is a diagram of the 2000 (same generation) front bumper components (for all variations).


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Your best bet is going to be removing the bumper and checking for hidden damage. If it has moved far enough to where your hood has trouble closing you probably have bent brackets.

At worst its probably going to have a minor tweak for the frame rails where the bumper mounts, broken headlamp adjusters and broken clips here and there.
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