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Budget lift

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Alright i've been looking through posts but i still can't really figure out which lift and what parts ill need. I have an 05 double cab sr5 and I'm looking to lift it about 2 to 2.5 inches, or the most i can without messing with drivetrain and and other things that could go wrong. I am on a student budget keep in mind but i really want to lift this thing so please let me know whats good out there. thanks guys
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how much u got to spend?
Not really sure, is around 300 to 400 a close price range? I really am not too sure how much it will cost but hoping somewhere around there.
For a close to stock ride
go to wheelers offroAd. Or toyteclifts
order the bilstein adjustable shocks and 5100 rears and a 1.5 inch rear streep block new u bolts and longer rear brake lines.

set the front struts to the max lift 2.5 inches and the rear block 1.5 will make the truck sit level and look taller while riding a bit firmer in the front andthe same in the rear. Easy to do and won't hurt anything.
alright sweet, i don't really know how to do any of that though, i mean i know what your talking about for the most part but i dont really know what U bolts are and i assume the block for the rear levels the truck? Any estimate on how much that would cost too?
Not really sure, is around 300 to 400 a close price range? I really am not too sure how much it will cost but hoping somewhere around there.
keep in mind you get what you pay for. you wont be able to romp and if you do you wont have too much fun. save your money and buy a replacement colilover set up from either ICON VEHICLE DYNAMICS or CAMBURG it is pricey but why rush it. trust me itll be a better investment

I don't think east coast people romp.

U bolts are the one time use bolts that connect the rear axle to the leaf springs
block goes between the leafs that sit on top of the axle and the axle to push it down 1.5 inches so the truck sits higher

brake lines are needEd for longer shocks. But if u leave you stock shocks in there they are long enough. In other words if u want to stay cheaper u can leave ur rear shocks alone and no get the longbrake lines. But if u get new rear shocks u will need longer brake lines.

Struts on the front can be done with hand tools and a spring compressor. Not too awful
hard but if u feel uncomfortable u can remove the strut in one piece ( three bolts on top and one on the bottom ) and take them to a shop they can swap struts.

Also toytec has a list of lifts. I have done the 2.5 spacer lift with the long aal. It rode firm but not overly harsh. But if u mainly drive with an empty bed I wouldn't do it. Also had the 5100 abjustables on my 98 I loved the way it rode at 1.25 lift in the front.
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