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Bridge in rear gas tank crossmember

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is it absolutely necessary when having 4in block in the rear and middle leaf removed?
i have this on my truck and i am encountering problems when i brake. it makes a loud virbrating noise.
im thinkin smaller blocks would help?
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your find is your blocks angled rite when i had my rear notch with 4" blocks i was hitting the drive shift, then i noticed and other ct'xen noticed they where angled wrong haha freakin newb. but it's always good to bridge them you never know when you wana go lower like yankee and mjb. my 0.2cents
ya i have a moan commin from the bottom of my truck i have 3 in blocks and monoleafed what is that?
probably the drive shaft on the crossmember and need to adjust the bpv some...i just moved my axle bracket down some, but I also relocated the bpv to the top of my notch, so it sits up like 6" from stock too :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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