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Body panel clips?

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Does anyone know a better place than a stealership to buy our body panel
clips. They want $3 a clip and I'll need like 10-20 & for that little plastic piece $3 seems steep. Any help?
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are you sure they dont come in a box of multiple clips for $3? just wonderin..........
If you're talking about the little plastic rivet things, try NAPA, I got a bunch from there for $5.

Even if you're not talking about the little plastic rivets, still take one there and see if they have some.

My local NAPA has a big wall with them, all shapes and sizes. It's worth a shot.

Edit: forgot you live in SD, the one that has that stuff is on Convoy Court right off of Clairemont Mesa Blvd. in Kearny Mesa near the Tommy Burger.
It's not uncommon to find various OEM style clips and fasteners offered in multi-packs or sets on eBay ... :thinking:
I'm pretty sure its $3 a single dad was telling me about that one time when he went to buy a few

just made his own clips instead.

I wouldn't be surprised, my grill clips were something like $1.05 each..
Did you say tommy's. And the el cajon store is pretty nice too. I was wondering if anyone had actually found a cheaper price and yes $3 for 1. Not 1 bag one indiviual piece.
Does anyone know a better place than a stealership to buy our body panel
clips. They want $3 a clip and I'll need like 10-20 & for that little plastic piece $3 seems steep. Any help?
Just rip them all off and design your own system if you can...

After I lost my stock clutch at turn 3b at Blackhawk Farms road course, I had to trailer the XR and the side panels had to be removed!

When we were looking at ideas to re-attach them we decided to remove all the plastic clips from the factory as well as that large plastic piece (4 main fasteners mount that to the body) that mounts underneath of the side where the clips are attached too...

How we did it was with that large plastic piece we drilled holes throughout the side and matched those holes into the side skirts and attached the fasteners and nuts and assembled the entire side skirt to the large plastic piece...

From there all we had to do to mount it back onto the truck was attach those 4 main bolts underneath and their you have it!

From the pics I hope you can see the little bolts that have connected the side skirts to that large plastic piece underneath. It has worked with speeds exceeding 115 mph on the track and daily driving. Actually it is stronger than the factory clips and you do not get that flimsy vibration at speed with the side skirts...

The rubber side skirt below is not connected to the large plastic piece underneath and can be removed without bothering the side skirt mounting points, it is a seperate system using that plumbing tape metal angle bars with all of those holes on them and the factory hangers that mount to the underbody of the cab and bed...

My wife came up with the idea when we were looking at the XR after I installed the stage II clutch...
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OXI glad to see you stop back by in here. I like your thinking (or your wifes I should ask my wife she is full of good ideas too). But I like the smooth look it has so maybe a plastic epoxy or gorilla glue and reattach. And these haven't popped loose at a lot of road vibration or a full 4th gear pull. I bottomed em out. And found out if you grab that aluminum bar with your hands and bend it I'll almost align itself. Those plastic clips are solely to keep em from flapping around. I have ripped off both rear bumper pieces and almost rear
side skirt. I've ordered and have the wings west rear section. Roll Pan and side skirts and just have to paint em and put them on. But with what time, right?
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