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Blower with Nitrous?

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Anyone out there running a blown 3.4 along with nitrous? How's the nitrous plumbed in; where are the nozzles? Thanks!
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Unless you plan on doing extensive engine work, you need to run a dry setup. The injector will be located on your intake pipe. A 50 shot should work great!
hey you do know you'll void your warranty with a blue bottle right?
I thought any type of engine/suspension modification blew the warranty?
When I bought my Taco, I flat-out told the guy that I was going to modify the truck. He looked really bewildered. He couldn't understand why you would modify a Tacoma 2wd truck. Anyway, so I asked him about the warranty..for example, if I were to modify the suspension on the truck, would it void my drive train warranty? his answer was "No", but if I modified the engine, I would void the drive train warranty. He said that each individual warranty "package" was seperate from the others. I haven't had to test any of this to make sure it's true..knock on wood...
No, some mods are OK, and covered by the warranty....Like the TRD stuff. Blower and headers don't effect the drivline warranty, and if dealer installed, the blower even stays covered for the duration of the driveline coverage. If you install the blower, the blower warranty is just 1 year. TRD is expensive stuff, but well made, and well warrantied.
an intake will void it, say like your map sensor went bad you pay out from your pocket, exhaust is ok main thing it's a cat back, headers will void it too, the poison in the blue bottle will definetly void your warrenty. i know cause i work for a dealer.
You guys need to check out the setup on this 99 taco.
Its got NOS, a super charger, and a custom audio install.
Wow. That's a really clean truck. That would be an AWESOME truck to drive everyday. I bet that thing would smoke some Mustangs. Then I could body drop my truck..oh wait..I'm getting ahead of myself. heheh
I though you weren't supppose to have the NOS bottle within the cab because of the gas and stuff?
When you have any kind of problem that should be covered by the warranty, it is still good as long as the modifications you did don't directly affect or cause the problems you have. It is against the law for a manufacturer to refuse warranty work as long as it is justifiable and not the result of modifications.
I think there is some write-up about all this on the SEMA website. I had to go looking around for the info because when I bought my wife's New Beetle, the salesman said that any modificaiton whatsoever voids all warranties... BS! He even went so far as to tell me that if I were to install a spoiler on the back, the warranty was void. I think this is the salesman's way of getting you to bring the car to the dealer and paying them to install any kind of aftermarket or factory accessories.
But, for the most part, warranties are still valid as long as the service guys can't prove that you did anything to affect it.

Of course, when guys like me go hacking into a brand new truck, it pretty much a given that it will be a long hard fight to get warranty work done heheh.
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I was looking to maybe drop in some nitrous myself, but wasn't sure if it was worth it. As far as warranties go, I went with the TRD charger and everything is covered by the factory.
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