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Hi folks,

I've replaced the manual window regulators in my 2004 Tacoma with some "direct replacement" power regulators. All is in place and tested with some test leads to power.

I'm looking for some advice on the best place to tie power in permanently for the windows. The power lead comes into the left kick panel area from the driver door. There is also an additional power lead that can be hooked up for switch lighting, presumably somehow to the dash lights dimmer switch.

Would appreciate any suggestions and help locating the specific wires to tap.

1) power for the windows, lead has a 25amp inline fuse on it and supposed to be connected after the key switch
2) power for the switch lighting, also switched and preferably via the dash lights dimmer

2004 Tacoma Extended Cab 2.4L 5spd originally with no power windows, no power locks and no power mirrors.

thanks in advance!
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