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Camping is one of the most rewarding activities that you can do to enjoy the beauty of the natural world. A lot of times though, you are only confined to where you can get an established campsite. The new Skycamp Rooftop Tents can take your camping trip to wherever you can take your vehicle. No matter where you are, you can pop up the tent and climb up for a night of stealth camping. No need for dragging a bunch of equipment just to dread having to pack it back up at the end of your stay. Skycamp Rooftop Tents can be simply be flattened and folded back into the storage case. The Skycamp 2.0 is new the flagship rooftop tent model from iKamper that is a new and improved version of the award-winning and best-selling Skycamp original model. This model can comfortably fit 2-3 people, but it can fit up to 4. If you want something more compact, there is also the Skycamp Mini which includes the same great features in a more efficient, compact design. This model can comfortably fit 2 people, but can fit up to 3. Each of these models come in three different colors: Rocky Black, Black, and White. Both of these models have many accessories that can elevate this stealth camping setup to the next level.

iKamper Skycamp Rooftop Tents Important Features
Skycamp rooftop tents are the easiest tents to setup. Both the Skycamp 2.0 and Mini take only about a minute to setup. There are no worries about struggling to put up a complicated tent, especially if you are setting up camp in poor lighting. It is even easier to close up and secure with the hard shell locks. This rooftop tent sits conveniently on the crossbars on your roof. If you happen to have a vehicle with higher than average crossbars, Skycamp has you covered. The Skycamp Mounting Brackets 1.0 allow you to mount both of the Skycamp rooftop tent models on vehicles that have crossbars that are taller than 1.2" and wider than 2.5". For taller vehicles, there is also the Skycamp HC Ladder Extension for the ladder that comes standard with each of the Skycamp rooftop tent models. These extensions extend the ladder up to 12" longer so that your ladder can function properly. The Skycamp HC Ladder itself is designed to sit evenly on any terrain you might run into during your camping excursions. These ladders feature angled steps making it easy for people of any physical condition to climb up into the tent. Like a lot of the features on the Skycamp rooftop tent models, they are sold individually for replacement or backup. Another product that is sold individually are the Skycamp Mounting Bracket Locks 2.0 which lock and secure the tent onto the crossbars.

Each of the iKamper rooftop models is equipped with a 1.8" thick, high-density poly-foam mattress. The size of the mattress is a bigger, king-size on the Skycamp 2.0 model. The fabric used to the construct the canvas exterior of the the Skycamp rooftop tent models is an insulating poly-cotton. The lining on the inside is quilted for more warmth and less condensation for the most comfortable interior possible. If you have ever thought that sleeping in a tent was horrible, the Skycamp roof top tent models will change your mind. You will have a home away from home that you can take anywhere. There is so much customization that you can do to change the environment much like you would in your home. Each of the 3-layer canopy windows can be folded down for increased airflow when you run into a hot night. For the colder nights, there is the Skycamp Inner Insulation Tent which is an interior layer that you can add for a more warm and cozy environment.

iKamper Skycamp Rooftop Tent Accessories
The two big accessories that you can add to your Skycamp rooftop tent for more living space and shelter are the Skycamp Annex Room and Skycamp Awning. Each of these accessories creates a complete camping setup by adding a space where you can relax outside without having to climb into the rooftop tent. The Skycamp Awning creates a space that is open to the outside, but protects against bad weather. Whether there is pouring rain or intense sunlight, you will have a cool, dry place to hang out and still enjoy being outdoors. The Skycamp Annex Room goes beyond that to create a space that has a barrier from the outside. This is great for hanging out on the ground level at night while still having the barrier of safety from the canvas exterior. You can light it up and treat it like a living room to do whatever you want to do. This is also a perfect addition for areas that may be infested with bugs. Each of the doors has a mosquito net that protects the interior from bugs even when the covers are up. The best part of both of these accessories is that they are easily attached to the main zipper of the Skycamp rooftop tent models. It only takes a few minutes longer to setup and create the most complete stealth camping setup ever.

iKamper Skycamp Rooftop Tent Requires a Bed Rack for Truck Use
Using a truck as your camping vehicle will require a bed rack for mounting the Skycamp rooftop tent models. One of the best options for a universal fitting bed rack is the RCI Bed Rack. It comes in either a 12" Tall or 18" Tall layout. This is a heavy-duty bed rack system with a durable, 10-gauge steel construction that can hold up the Skycamp rooftop tent models with ease. There are no modifications that need to be made as it is designed to fit any rooftop tent on the market. It is easy to install this onto your truck by either drilling into the bed rails or using the RCI C-clamp mounts that conveniently attach to the bed rails. The universal fit of this bed rack comes from the fact that you can adjust the width anywhere from 54" to 64". This is guaranteed to fit any truck model you might have. If you are mounting the Skycamp Mini, you will be able to take advantage of the secondary lateral bar that can be used to mount smaller rooftop tents like this one, while also adding extra strength to the bed rack. Having this bed rack on your truck will not make your truck work any harder. It is designed to be kept out of the wind to reduce wind drag by standing a full foot above the bed rails. This aerodynamic design is a feature that is hard to find with any other similar bed racks on the market.

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