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Looking for suggestions for a bedliner for my 2010 Tacoma Double-Cab.

This is my first truck, so looking for suggestions based on combination of good brand, durable bedliner...not going to be used for work, but rather play/loading some outdoor gear, things like that. Hauling some trash, etc....Don't want to spend a ton, but don't want to have to get a new one every couple of years either. Suggestions on brands and/or features to think about would be helpful.

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this is probably not the best section to ask this question, but you can't go wrong with Line-X or Rhino Lining. :waytogo:
the 2010's already have a composite bed
yea, you dont need a bed liner. if anything, get a heavy rubber mat, like toyota options with the truck new. i got mine, best thing ever. lent is once to someone, WOW, the thing really dampens rattles in the back of teh truck
yup im running a scorpion liner with a 1/4" Bed mat...cant go wrong with that setup:waytogo:
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