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AW Shifting Manual control box etc. for Auto's

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I have a brand new AW shifting box for making the auto's manually shifted.
I also bought the arcade joystick he offered to shift it. I may be missing some of the LED's but all the important stuff is in the box. Never used..... parting the project out.

If you interested, make an offer! thanks!!

Can email me at [email protected] for a faster response. Thanks guys,
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pictures? never heard of anything like that
pictures? never heard of anything like that
I'm not sure, but I suspect he's referring to the AW Shifting unit that claimed to offer paddle-shifting for the Toyota A340 automatic transmission (the transmission used in some Tacomas).

AW's website has disappeared, after they'd posted an announcement they had discontinued production ...
H20playdamian once posted this pic of the AW paddle shifter unit ...


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Yea I don't have the paddles.... just the arcade stick.

I didn't realize the site had dissapeared. Thats too bad :( I bought this one for an 87 turbo 4Runner. if anyone happens to want this thing let me know.
If this thing can be confirmed to be compatible with an A43D, i'll take it... Anyone??
I never saw any AW claim that their shifting system was compatible with an A43D. I'm not saying it isn't - I'm just saying I never knew AW to claim it.
Thanks for checking the Wayback Machine! :waytogo:

Here's what the old AW website said about Toyota transmissions their unit would work with:

-Controller will work with all variations of the A340 transmission found in Pickups, Tacomas, 4runners, Supras, T100s, Tundras and more. Directions have not been refined for all applications yet, please contact me about your particular application.
-A controller could potentially be made for the 5 speed A750 found in the new FJ Cruisers, '05+ Tundras, some 4runners starting in '03, and others. It would be slightly more expensive because of the extra gear, please contact me if you would like that product to be developed.
So in theory, this could work? There cant be too much difference in the electrical systems of the A43D and A340... Might shoot IPT an email in a few.
So in theory, this could work? There cant be too much difference in the electrical systems of the A43D and A340...
... Except that the A43D didn't have one ... :rolleyes:

The AW shifting unit is designed to work with the electronically-controlled A340 automatic transmission.

The Tacoma A43D wasn't offered in an ECT configuration.
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