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Admin, please make this a STICKY.

Connicelli Toyota Parts Department has always treated us fair and gave us pricing way below any other sources we could find on OEM parts. However:

Effective Immediately. We will only be able to purchase parts at 10% above their cost, shipping will remain free on most purchases over $100 excluding Wheels and big bulky heavy items. Unfortunately the shipping excludes Canada and out of the U.S. country.

I have spoken with Sam (in Parts). And, as we all know costs have risen and wrench turning is not as popular as it was some 10 years ago. Connicelli still values our club and members and asks that we continue to support them as they have us in the past events ie TacOberFest, meet n greets, and other activities we may have had. 10% above dealer cost is still a great price compared to any other Dealership pricing.. Thanks for understanding.
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