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Great portable air system for the serious offroader, other options available if your in the market shoot me a message.

ARB Portable Twin Air Compressor System CKMTP12

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  • Complete portable air compressor system
  • Includes compressor, air tank, hose, wiring, and carrying case
  • Powerful ARB Dual High-Output air compressor
  • All-aluminum, 4-liter air tank
  • Water and shatter-proof carrying case
  • 20-foot braided hose and inflation accessories
  • Wiring harness with alligator clamps
Complete Air Compressor and Tank System with Portable Case
Whether you don't want to put in the time and effort to have an on-board compressor and air tank or just want something with more general utility, ARB's Portable Twin Air Compressor Kit may be your winning ticket. This awesome compressor package combines one of ARB's powerful Dual High-Output Compressors with a 4-liter aluminum air tank, leads with battery post clamps, and air hose all housed in a water-proof carrying case that lets you transport the whole system practically anywhere. The ARB Portable Compressor is capable of running air tools of up to 6.16 CFM and is perfect for airing your whole crew back up after a day of off-roading. Reliable and Powerful Compressor with Accessories and Carrying Case
The ARB Portable Air Compressor System is built around on of ARB's extremely impressive Dual High-Output Air Compressors that's capable of pushing huge amounts of air and features legendary ARB reliability. The air compressor is capable of a maximum of 150psi with a maximum airflow of 6.16 CFM. The compressor features a waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and extremely durable design and construction that makes it perfect for use in any environment or application. The ARB compressor is mounted in a complete carrying case made out of a shatter-proof polymer compound that is both water-tight and will float if dropped in large volume of water when the case is closed and sealed. Each kit comes with a 20-foot braided air house with quick-connect couplings, a wiring harness with high-quality alligator clamps for tapping battery power, additional inflation tips, and an air gun with male fitting.

Compressor Specs (combined):
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