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These have been backordered for quite some time and just became available again.

ARB Dual High-Output On-Board Air Compressor Kit CKMTA12


Powerful On-Board Air Compressor with Fast Fill for Practically Any Application
When any other air compressor kit just won't cut it for your extreme uses off the beaten path, the ARB Dual High-Output On-Board Air Compressor Kit is here to save the day. With two compact air compressors mounted in tandem, the ARB Dual Air Compressor Kit can output over 6 cfm of airflow, giving you more than enough air to handle your ARB Air Lockers, tire inflation duties, or power your air tools for any application you have in mind on the road or off of it. On top of its big-time airflow, the ARB Dual Air Compressor Kit is waterproof and built tough enough to survive practically any off-road challenge, making it the perfect choice for the avid off-road adventurer that needs and air compressor system that can handle the most brutal terrain on the planet. For its output, the ARB Dual Compressor System is surprisingly compact, and can be mounted just about anywhere on your vehicle of choice. This version of the Dual Compressor Kit is powered off a 12V source and comes with its own activation rocker switch. Each compressor features a pressure cutoff switch, its own air filter, a current load protection loom, and thermal load protection to help make it one of the most reliable air compressor systems. The Dual Compressor Kit comes with mounting hardware for installation.

Air Locker Solenoid Manifold Not Included: the ARB Dual Compressor System does not come with an ARB Air Locker Manifold, and one will need to be purchased separately if you're using this kit for an ARB Air Locker.

Compressor Specs (combined):
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