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The Apple PowerPC G3 features a 400 MHz (G3) processor, 384MB of RAM (4 slots, 2 used), a 16 GB hard drive, DVD-ROM, MAC OS X 10.3, ATI graphics card, and the case folds out for easy upgrading. This computer has tons of potential and runs great. I have no use for it as I got a new powerbook.

Heres a list of some programs installed on the computer: (all programs are legit)
Photoshop CS
Illustrator CS
InDesign CS
Acrobat Reader PRO
Norton 2003
Dreamweaver MX
Flash MX
LightWave Modeler
Office 2004 (word, excel, powerpoint, entourage)
VR Worx
Toast Titanium
-----If there is any I have forgotten I will add them in.

I am open to offers. Please make them reasonable because the cost of all this software is worth a lot. I can ship or local pickup. Computer+box/packaging is about 38lbs.
Thanks, Matt

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