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Any trick to removing front ABS sensor?

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Hey gang,

I've got an '03 S-Runner. I am trying to remove my left front ABS sensor. The FSM isn't much help, it simply says, "Unplug. Remove wiring bracket bolts and sensor bolt. Remove sensor." Well, I've got it unplugged and all the bracket and sensor bolts are out. The sensor itself will not budge. I've wiggled it, twisted, pulled. I eventually said "****it" and grabbed some pliers and tried to twist, wrench, yank it out with them. It won't budge. :shrug:

Am i missing something? Do I have to take the wheel and brake rotor off and tap it out from the outside of the hub?

Any insight will be appreciated! Thanks!

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How many bolts (total) did you remove?

Here (attached) are the 2003 FSM sections on front speed sensor components and removal.

I notice there seem to be 4 sensor harness bolts on a 5-lug setup, plus one(?) bolt for the sensor itself.

The components diagram seems to show two bolts at the sensor location. One of these is apparently the 4th bolt for the sensor harness, and the other is a single bolt holding the sensor.

The removal instructions make no mention of having to remove the wheel ... :shrug:


I assume it's the bolt at the sensor on the spindle that takes a 10mm socket? They just pull out once that bolt's out, but they can become stuck from the buildup (brake dust) and from being in there for a while. Try the plier method again. Use a rag between it & the pliers while turning and pulling, but be careful. Those tiny wires are easy to mess up too and you'll get a light in the dash if you break one inside the housing.
Alright. I'll just try and pull harder! ;-) I definately got all the bolts out. I've already got no continuity on the wires on that side, so I wanted to pull it out to check it closely and possibly repair it before dropping the $170 for a new one.

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