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Any new stuff for the truck?

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Just wandering if anyone in here got what they wanted for the Kid(truck). My girlfriend shelled out a pretty penny and got me a full function Python alarm. I was stoked to say the least. I want to add power locks and windows to my COMA so I am going to wait on installation.

Just shooting the s***, I hope everyone had a great holiday!

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My girl bought me a new set of wheels. They are Enkei Shurikens in 17X7 silver, I really don't like chrome anymore. I paid $400 for them brand new. Does anybody else want some, they also have 18's for $440. Man I love Christmas.
Wow, 18" Shurikens for $440?? That's a great price!

I got a tailgate handle flip kit from my girlfriend. I can't wait to smooth out my trucks's ass. heheh I'd love to mold in my roll pan while I'm at it.
How much for 18's in chrome?

I got a roll pan , and air bags , road dots here i come!

See Ya Dirk
I got a Poweraid TB spacer. I love the noise this thing makes.
Yeah, I also wanna know about the 18s in chrome!

Hope everyone had good safe holidays!
i got a fuel pressure regulater and a silver monster tach and a air fuel ratio gauge.
$400 bucks for 17's?! tell me more.....gimme some more info about 'em.....
I got my truck a fast friend. I purchased a 2002 Camaro Z28. Poor truck won't get much attention anymore. How sad.
For everyone who wants to know about the Shuriken's, the guy didn't e-mail me back yet. I do have the phone # and e-mail address though. The e-mail is:[email protected], and the phone # is:(330)346-0450. I hope this helps some.
I'm getting the 4runner conversion for my front end. I'll have a 4runner supercharger hood, headlights, clear corners, fenders, and a Jaos aero billet grille. I'm also getting the TRD 7 piece kit too.
I must have been bad. Santa didn't leave me anything this year. All I wanted for christmas was to get my Truck out of the shop.
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