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Almost finished with mitzu's turbo install....

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TEASE.... Pics and video tomorrow, it's bedtime....:lol:
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Boo on you... boo
Looks like any other turbo 5vz :shrug:

Bet you guys thought this would be a pics update.... :nana:
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Your going to HELL for doing stuff like that you know.....:cool:
Karma is a bitch, remember that.
Finishing touches.... Sounds like Jet Blue is taking off in front of my house :nana:
Stop it! lol
This is all you get for tonight.... Vroom Vroom :evil:

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****... all these good videos and I am at work. Can't even get them on my phone :cussing:
****... all these good videos and I am at work. Can't even get them on my phone :cussing:
17 seconds of looking at the front of Mitzu's truck with the hood open, from the floor level. It gets revved a couple times. End.
i JUST got sleep yet, so im gonna do that can bet pictures will be up as soon as i wake up.
i LOVE the truckkkkk, I LOVE the spool, but it needs a tune(ran outta time:cry:) but overall it is awesomeeee!!!! ill def post some pics up very very soon
Hurry Up!!!
pics in my build thread

heres a couple of em

oil scavenge pump

hot side

vroom vroom

maf clamp, aic6, ftc

hot side complete

easy maf install
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Was going to say, I just saw your build thread. Very Nice :waytogo: Great Job guys!!
yea unbelievable how much work there was. ran into a few issues but thats normal...sneaking the cold side to the motor was a bitch(had to bring it right by the header and theres NO room lol

Turbosmart 50mm BOV from Doug(dyotat100)
Tial wastegate from paradise

loving the sound right now, in the 4 hour car drive home(at 130 am :lol:) i listened to music for about 45 minutes...then turned it off and listened to the engine and turbo:loveeyes:)
we have a 90 degree bend as an exhaust, its loud but NO drone like my old setup, i LOVE ITTTTT!!! the BOV is sweeeeeet, i love the sound
Before anyone says anything about all the couplers/clamps.all the piping is welded, the ones up top are clamping in the plastic maf. The lower one connects the upper section to the lower section.. I love the driveability compared to my big injector, piggyback 3rz. This uses the stock maf and injectors, when you get into boost, the maf clamps, and additional fuel comes in from the port fueler and extra injectors. Its seamless when your driving it.. Methanol, more boost and tuning next weekend!
How did you do the oil return, booster pump?

WOuldnt be a bad idea to make a shield between the header and the charge pipe, to reduce heat transfer, looks good....

STS style, lets see some vids of this thing soon, not one of it idling either...
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