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Are there any Tacomas that ship with alloy wheels? What's your opinion about those? Would my truck look ridiculous with them or what?
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The S-Runner ships with 16x6.5s. They look OK, but very "factory". I changed 'em out for 17x8 Ronals...

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Chris D. said:
any pictures? ;)
Nope - no surviving ones .... :rolleyes:

For the record, in another ancient thread hairytaco mentioned he'd used 245/45 Kumho tires on his 17x8 Ronals.
where are all the older posts?

I was trying to find something specific, but the picture I saved from the post has a date of 2002 and most posts that old are completly wiped out.. :(
Older threads are being reviewed and reorganized into the new structure. The initial pass through 2WD Wheels and Tires is about 2/3 complete as of this past weekend.

There are a lot of threads whose pics have gone MIA (remote host accounts gone; attachments not used).

It is not the case that 'most posts' as old as 2002 are 'wiped out'.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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