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Whats the best alarm for a Taco?
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Viper aka DEI wins my vote. i wanna see if you can steal it, i got a hidden kill switch too. i also got info red sensors so if my window is down and you try to put your arm through the window it will go off.
I also have Viper and no complaints except when I forget to set it and neighborhood kids steal my cd's and die cast models that were in it.
DOH! Damn kids these days..hehe

I've got a Viper, too. It's the second one I've had. Never a complaint.
Also my second one. No probs with either one.
I have had Viper and now have Clifford. They are both great. It just depends on what features you want with the alarm.
Viper is the only way to go! And DEI who makes viper,also owns clifford.
is there an online site to order a viper alarm?
In My Opinion The Best Alarm For A Taco Is A Clifford Avantguard 4 This Is What I Just Put In My 1996 Extra Cab. But I Do Not Advise Doing It Your Self It Takes Forever. I Also Added The Optional Omnisensor. Like I Said Before It Is Badddddddddd! Remote Start And All.
any DEI system is bad s. i got the viper with keyless entry.
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clifford here
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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