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After Market Intake...Benefit?

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This question is to everyone who has installed an aftermarket intake on their 4 cyl taco.
Is there a noticeable, worthwhile, benefit to this modification? What exactly are the benefits (fact and opinion welcome)?
Lastly, does the brand matter? I've seen ones from $160(E.L. Prototypes) up to $230(L.C. Engineering) and $250(K&N).
I would love some input on this topic because I'm considering getting an intake, at this point it's for cosmetics but I would love to hear some performance reports.

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Intake is great, you will NOTICE the performance difference thats a given. The true HP and torque specs i can't give ya, but you'll feel it. Brands is brands, pipe is pipe, as far as heads go i like the monster-flow air filters.
i agree. An intake is, in my opinion, one of the best upgrades you can put into your car- its cheap and you immediately notice results, plus the installation is very easy and as you said it makes the engine compartment look much better. In addition to the ones you put up I know Injen and Weapon-R make tacoma intakes--- i had a Weapon-R on my previous ride and can vouch for it being the cheapest of the group yet of comparable (if not better) quality.
Ditto on what the other guys said. It's easy, it's simple, it looks good, and it won't break the bank too bad. I purchased mine from SporTruck Specialties and it works awesome. Plus, my engine SOUNDS like it's sucking in air now. Pretty cool.
I have a v6 and used one made by Ractive for a honda civic dx. I paid $50 brand new for it. It was the same shape as the ones made for our truck. I just made sure it had 2 places for the accessary hoses to connect to it like the stock one has.
Aight, I know this is an old thread but I am going to be getting an intake quite soon hopefully. I know that name brands cost more but is the quality better? Don't they all come with the K&N Cone filter? Is the name brand(more money) going to result in more horses or no?

Thanks in advance for any help!
no not all intake come with the k&n but majority of them do. one of the good things about them (k&n) is that you can rechrage them (wash um and re oil um). to me a filter is a filter, more air more power, the colder the better.
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