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Adjustable cam gear

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Has anyone tried the adjustable cam gears from They also have a short shifter for the tac. I wondering how much of a difference it makes.
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I'm shocked that no one has tried the cam gears! lcengineering posted a completion date for the V6 short shifters by the first of the year. You can actually order yours today.
I think the cam gear is a great idea for any V6 taco. On most twin cam import engines cam gears, when adjusted on a dyno can up to 8+ hp to the wheels.
The V6 Tacoma has FOUR cams .You should buy cam gears and get the adjustable cam gears to get the most of your truck. They have a short shifter for the Tacoma? How Much? I need one of those for my truck.
What is the web site address for that site? It keeps sending me to a phone company repair station. Thanks for your help
It's <a target="_blank" href=> </a>
i personally wouldn't waste my money on the sprocket unless you got some performance might be able to get a whole 8hp if your lucky w/ just the sprokets....
The cam gears could definitely make up to 8hp to the wheels. That type of power to the wheels is worth it depending on the money the cam gears cost. It is also important to remember that cam gears can also change the actual hp curve. Therefore the way the engine makes power, (the power curve) can be changed. Of course getting cams with the cam gears would make even more of a difference.

I do feel that seeing some dyno results of a taco with cam gears would really be best before spending the money.
i dont have any dyno results however with pro cams with lc eng gears makes a huge more bogs out of second to third . the motor stays wrapped up . I dont know about just cam gears , however i have some friends that have them with out cam , they adjusted for more front end (advanced).
Cam gears don't make more power, just allows you to go to more rpms or torque, depending on if you advance it or retard them.
Cam gears can make more horsepower. I have personally watched my friend the manager at JG engine Dynamics in Alhambra, CA. adjust the cam gears on an Integra while on a dyno. After doing this the car made over 5hp+ to the wheels.

As far as "going to more rpms" are you talking about raising the redline/rpm limit? If so cam gears cannot raise the redline. You also said that cam gears "allow you to go to more rpms or torque". If there is an increase in torque then usually there is an increase in horsepower.
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