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Added lift from frame replacement?

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Toyota replaced the frame (and a bunch of other stuff) under my '01 Tacoma as a result of the rust recall. When I got it back, my wife asked if they put a bigger frame on it or something because she thought it looked like it sat higher and had more open space around the tires. At the time I thought she was just a silly woman, ignorant about vehicles.

Then I put my new 31x 10.5s on an darned if they don't look a little small on my rig. I was worried that they might not fit great and was expecting to have to mod the pinch weld, but even at full crank I have like a good 3/4 inch of clearence near the pinch weld. I have stock suspension, no lift added, but I wonder if I could have fot 32s under there now.

Anyway, I am going to try and call the Toyota dealer service dept. that did the work and ask if the new frame is heavier gauge metal or something like that. I was wondering- has anyone else that has gotten a frame replacement noticed anything like this? :confused:
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So far as I know, the replacement frames are identical to the factory OEM ones (just rust-treated according to the original specs that Dana couldn't seem to follow ...).

The more likely explanation is that your suspension had 'settled' over the years and the disassembly / reassembly process (perhaps combined with new replacement parts here and there) put it back 'up' to original stock height.

What was included in the 'bunch of other stuff' they replaced?
nope same frame and many tacos came with 31's stock so they wouldnt rub.
The bunch of other stuff was all the other stuff covered/replaced under the recall. They gave me everything Toyota was offering- new brake lines, leaf springs, lower control arms, and I did replace the rear shocks with factory ones (they weren't receptive to me bringing in Bilstiens for them to put in), but no new front suspension. Anyway, maybe it is just the new parts, you guys know more about it than I do and thanks for the replies.

All in all though, I am pretty happy with the whole deal and the way Toyota treated me. I've driven about 1000 miles on the new frame and there don't seem to be any problems anywhere, except for the brakes feeling like maybe they need to be bled a little better.
I'd say a lot of it has to do with the new leafs. Tacoma leaf packs are notorious for sagging over time.
new leafs probably ...the frame is the same trust me ;) other than that your truck didnt get lifted :( o well you got a whole bunch of parts for free:D take care of them this time:evil:
My '02 was also "standing taller" after re-frame....They did include new Ball joints with the LCA's ( front end parts) and I did purchase new shocks for all 4 corners ( free labor and TRD's for great $$ )......

The only "problem" with all of the "New"...I had to prep/re-paint everything else underneath....BUT now that '02 looks better than new.....I own it;);).

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