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A couple of announcements:

The multimedia gallery is quickly growing, thanks to submissions from you all. Keep them coming!

Make sure you read up on this month's Pic of the Month. This month features Kenneth's tricked-out 4x4. From now on, the Pic of the Month feature will alternate between a 2wd and a 4wd Taco.

Based on a suggestion from "rainman", user profile photos are now click-able to reveal the full-sized image.

This general feedback chat area is for discussion that may apply to either 2wd or 4wd Tacoma owners. Feel free to use it for off-topic discussions about the weather, your dog, or anything else non-truck-related. We all have lives aside from our trucks...right?

Thanks to everyone for warmly welcoming our 4x4 brothers from Tacoma Territory on the site this past week. It's important for everyone to show respect for those with opposite heights. Remember: no matter whether you body LIFT your truck 3 inches to clear that boulder or body DROP it 3 inches so that you can throw sparks, we're all in this hobby for the same reason: To build a kick-ass truck and have fun with it.

Finally, please keep the feedback rolling in! This site can only be improved based on your comments and suggestions.
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