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I've had my '99 regular cab Tacoma for about a year now, and other than a slight low starting idle issue its been a great truck. Recently though I've begun looking into things like a supercharger and turbo kits, things to improve the performance of my truck. While originally I thought I would get a supercharger because I love the whine of one and the performance boost it brings without having to put in a piggyback for the fuel (at least for a low boost kit), I've begun thinking I should go the extra mile and instead get a turbo kit and everything else that entails.
I've seen some kits here and there, about 3k for a turbo kit not including the piggyback unit, and etc, but I am not well versed in where to get the best parts and everything I need. I'm hoping to find a good turbo kit that spools from 2k-3k rpm, would prefer everything mechanical to be under 3k, and would prefer the piggyback to be less than 750.
If you could tell me the best places to get things, or the best deals, I would greatly appreciate it.
Also if I missed anything, let me know.
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