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97 4Runner bucket seats

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I thought I had a thread already but I cant find it :shrug:. I have a set of tan SR5 4Runner bucket seats that I had in my Taco for sale. They arent in bad shape, passenger side has a burn whole but its small. I'll put the photobucket link up when I get home from work, they have photobucket blocked here :brickknoc. $150 obo, local only.

Someone tell me if this link works.
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Open to offers.
Still have these, still open to offers.
i'll take them if you would be willing to ship to CA
I'd rather not ship, shipping would cost more than the seats.
bump for some very comfortable seats. I swapped them in my truck and would never go back to my horrible bench again.
Thanks for the bump. I can deliver these anywhere between Newark DE and Wilson (Wilson County) NC. I'll be making regular trips to Wilson and Garner North Carolina in the next couple of months so anything thats reasonably close to on my way I can bring them with me.
Btw the link works
Btw the link works
:waytogo: Thanks.
7 month bump!
Too bad you are so far from CA.. I would totally scoop these up!
I'd rather not ship, shipping would cost more than the seats.
i heard that you can ship seats for $60 through grey hound. they just throw it under the bus. look into it if you wanna get rid of them.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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