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96 taco speedometer cable

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does anyone know where i could find a Speedometer Cable for my 96 tacoma? its a 2wd manual. 2rz engine. had my car in the shop today at wyotech, tried to diagnose the problem of why my MPH gauge doesn't work.. Noticed that my Cable had melted near my downpipe..

how much would a new one cost me from the dealer, being that its a dealer item..
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I don't know if this is any indication, but ... ToyoDIY lists the 1996 speedo cable "assembly" at 60-some dollars.
would a different year fit?
There aren't that many different years! ... :evil:

But seriously ... The same cable should have been used on similar model Tacomas from 1995.5 through 1997.

You might try contacting a speedometer shop to see if there's another cable that would fit up to your Taco.
lol, wish me luck in wyoming, pff they got one toyota shop for me and thats about all my chances for a "speedometer" shop. not even wyotech parts store can get one.. well if anyone finds one let me know..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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