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95-97 4x4 Bumper on 99?

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I was lucky enough to win a 95-97 4x4 bumper on eBay. The question is: when it gets here, how much of a pain in my ass is it going to be to install? Did Toyota change the bumper brackets between 97 and 98 when the bumper style changed?
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Hey Jeff this is a great site!
About the bumper, the frame ends are the same, if it is a bumper assembly without brackets, you may be able to use the brackets from the 99' bumper, I think that they will bolt right up. If you need any help on how to go about the replacement just let me know, I have worked on most areas of the Taco shells (couldn't resist) and would be happy to help.
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Awesome, man. The bumper and valence came today. No brackets, so I guess I'll have to use my '99 ones. Let's pray. Since the truck is away getting 'notched right now, installing the new front end will have to wait.
Well, I tried to install the 95-97 4x4 bumper today. I got the current bumper/valence off, but when I went to slide the 4 bumper bolts through the holes in the bracket, they didn't fit. So, it looks like I'm gonna have to buy a set of 4x4 front bumper brackets. Paul, do you have any connections to get a set? I'll gladly make it worth your time. :)

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