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95-04 mini tacoma 5LUG LONG TRAVEL LIFT KIT

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great condition not used much. looking to sell complete kit 1,800. tc taquito kit. rotors, callipers, billet crossshafts, steering extender, steel brake lines, hardware, straps. 96-2004 5-Lug.... NO SHOCKS

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buy me!
man if this was posted 8 months later you would have cash in your hands :brickknoc
ohh i am temped to get this kit. i have 1k saved up right now but shocks are pricey. does this run 3.0 coilovers or 2.5? what length? i want to check prices to see how much i would need to save
bumpity bump!!!
You have a PM
do it siebler!
I would love to do it. Just hoping to get a PM or email or post in response to the ones ive sent :D
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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