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7.5 diff(4wd) up front question

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Is it the same as the rear of a 2wd 7.5 rear (5 lug)?

or different:confused:
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they're different....I don't remember the terminology, but the front diff rotates in the opposite direction
It`s reverse rotation.
Now, a 86-95 truck or 4runner front diff should work. the 95.5-04 is reverse rotation.
Darn, there's a brand new locker on Craigs for $150 for the front of a 7.5 for a Tacoma, the seller specified clearly too.


Oh well, worth a shot...thanks for the information.
all 7.5 lockers are the same the gears are the only differance and even then only on 95-04 fronts other than that all pre95 fronts and all 7.5 rears are standard rotation gears same on supras with the 7.5 too carriers are all different tho as far as ifs irs and solid rear.

edit i think the add carrier on the front of some 4wd was special but i dont know why or if it works on only certain diffs
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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